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Isaac Miranda

Managing Partner

Isaac makes coffee, approves videos, attends meetings and takes people to lunch


Silas Cook

Videographer/ Editor

Silas has been making videos since he was a kid. His background is in graphic design and technology. He and his wife have lots of geckos and a horse, and a child.


John Pugsley

Account Management

John is an ex dirt bike racer, so he's basically afraid of nothing. He brokers rare collectible tennis shoes in his spare time for fun.


Rachel Slaughter

Promotions and Operations

Rachel can do 90 things at once, having 5 children is great training for that. She also is our sports guru, loves travel, and acting in TRO videos.


Cameron Bohl

Videographer / Editor

Cam got the gig here because he once dropped into Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole (look it up). Just so happens he also has mad video skills, and customizes cars (he has more than 1).

We made these videos for our own enjoyment

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