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More Floods Members Only Video Club

TROVideo has partnered up with More Floods to offer an accessible and fast way to use videos. The More Floods Members Only Video Club. Companies enjoy video club that were previously

  • Too busy to write and create quality videos
  • Lacking an allocated video budget
  • Frustrated with previous experiences with videos that go nowhere

The above video is one of six pre-made videos you get in the Video Club program created just for More Floods members.



We do the work

Writing is hard to do. Editing takes time, even if you’ve done it before. Everyone at your place already has a job, so who’s going to get all this done? Just send your logos and contact information, and we will have these pre-made videos ready to run right away.


We flatten out the costs

The problem with getting a video done is the big chunk of up front money you need to get started. Many small and medium sized business have tight marketing budgets, let alone video budgets. Our Video as a Service flattens out the costs of production and promotion.


We get you views

No more having a video that no one sees. What if your target audiences saw your video every month?  Using highly targeted ads, The More Floods Members Video Club gets your message out to the people that need to see it.

Included Videos

Customer Facing

Snippet Example


Snippet Example

what you get

The More Floods Members Only Video Club

  • 2 videos for use on social media, website and other applications. Branded for your company.

  • 4 snippet videos, shorter versions of the main videos optimized for quicker messaging

  • We promote the videos to your target audience on the platform of your choosing. We guarantee 1,000 views monthly. We can do that because we’re running ads. (included with membership)

  • We report to you on the views you are getting and make sure they find you easily.

  • Monthly check-ins to stay in sync with your needs and calendar.

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