Interactive Video for Business

The best part about video is its high retention and conversion rate. But usually the hardest part of converting prospects is getting them to fill out the form at the end of the video or landing page.

You can simplify your form, but you lose data. You can do a really detailed form, but your conversion rate will go down. What if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? You can with interactive video!

How Does Interactive Video Work?

1)After a short video plays, several clickable options pop up.

2) As the user clicks, the next video plays, no page reload, no redirect, no load time. Which means they stay on your landing page.

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3) Next, that video gives them what they asked for, guess what, more options!

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4) Based on the options they pick, you gather data about your potential customer. This allows you to better sell your product or service, and eliminate potential customers that don’t fit your criteria. This saves you time and money for your sales and marketing team.

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5) Once they walk through the process, you now can ask them a simple form question to convert in your sales funnel, all while still having the details you need to be better at selling.

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The best thing is at any time during this process, you can take them right to your call to action. So their intent and curiosity is still very high, since they stay engaged until they get what they wanted in real time.


Trade Shows and Virtual Events

Prospects can’t make it to your event? Send them your  virtual trade show booth link! Now they can instantly see your new products! 

What if you DO go to the trade show? Having an interactive, touchable video interface to show off all your products will bring a larger crowd than just a booth.

Create fun interactive videos, make simple touch games to get prospects to interact and win prizes from you. With an interactive video, you’ll be the talk of the entire trade show.


Marketing Sales Funnels

Using interactive video as a sales qualifier is highly effective in letting only qualified people into your demo/sales funnel.

Answering all the basic questions and the non-qualifiers in the interactive video gives you a chance to weed out unqualified prospects and makes you look even more attractive to those who fit your client profile.


Landing Pages

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