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Access Granted: How to Build a Video Playbook for Revenue Results

Access Granted!

Video Course Introduction

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“TRO has done several videos for us, and we plan to do lots more, great team to work with.”Rob Albright | Shamrock Solutions

“We used TRO for two explainer videos as we launched our product and website. I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. Isaac quickly understood what we were doing, worked hard to earn the business and delivered a quality end product. I would definitely recommend TRO and the team as well as use them again when the need arises for us. Thanks again!”Brian Anderson | Applogie

“We were really pleased working with Isaac Miranda and staff at TRO. We had a blast producing videos with their crew that we still use as a marketing tool today!”Daniel Stanza | Good Earth

“TRO does a great job of writing and creation. We really didn’t have to worry about the process and it was easy.”Pete Woeful | RevealRx

Not sure how or where to use video?Video is a tool for B2B Tech Companies to educate their customers, build bridges and convert. Instead of just having videos, we build a strategy that allows them to really use videos.

Why Are We Doing This?

You might be wondering why we’re offering this great content for free, especially when this is the kind of work we do. Great question! We’re hoping you see the value that great video strategy can bring to a company and understand how to go about making them… and if you have any questions or if you’d like help, then we’d like to be the company you call.  It’s that simple.

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