In a perfect world it would be nice to only spend time on real buyers VS tire kickers. It’s so incredibly hard to get messaging in front of the right people in the first place that it sounds kind of scary to even talk about filtering people out.

The truth of the matter is wasting salespeople’s time is extremely expensive and actually harms the people on the other end of the call as well. You don’t gain a client and they don’t come away with a solution either. Everyone loses.

Qualifying your leads can be done in a couple of ways. The one we’re going to talk about here is with a video.

This video will define a bit about your process, seem smart and helpful, and then deliver a big takeback. 

First some points about the process in the video.

  • Show them what they just did – “You asked to learn more on our site.” or “You signed up for our free consultation.”
  • Show them what’s next – “Now we will do an assessment”
  • Tell them why you do this  – “This really helps us make sure we can do something to help you. Once we get through this, you will know if we need to talk further” This relaxes them and puts them in charge.

Now you hit them with the takeback. This will be a statement that may seem too upfront, but if done right, actually displays confidence.

Use a statement like “people that engage with us are usually” and here you can insert qualifiers:

A price range-  “ready to spend between $ and $ with us”

A company size-  “we work best with organizations of 50 employees or more, and want to make sure we’re not wasting your time”

An experience level-  “Individuals that have X certification level use our services”

A Budget – “companies that spend $ on X  get the best ROI from our services”

A decision maker – “We have found that it wastes a lot of time if a budget owner isn’t in the room”

Then go on with your instructions “click here to book a call” or “join this” like all is well.

This video should be distributed AFTER you get an inquiry or sign up. Don’t try to attract cold prospects with it. This video can be delivered in many different ways:

  • An email once they submit the request, with instructions “watch this short video so you know what to expect”
  • Only give them the “pick a time” calendar link AFTER they watch the video
  • Can also be used on people that have fallen quiet – it may get them interested again.

The main idea here is to let them self-qualify if they are a fit for your services. People really don’t want to waste their time, and don’t want to be embarrassed. They also may have a technical requirement you don’t address. Best of all, passing the “bar” will make them more apt to buy. They are finding out that they are well suited for your services and will pay more attention.

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