There are many techniques used to throw a baseball. There are several running techniques to make you sprint faster. There are also certain ways you can position your message in a video to raise the quality of your leads. It begins with the hook, then a takeback.

First, let’s unpack the hook, the thing that’s done and will draw them in.

In the first 5 seconds of the video you need to do 1 of 2 things.

1. You can just be so engaging that they’re watching to see what’s next. Some ideas would be

    • Start with a gag – make them laugh
    • Make a wild statement that on its face is just too much. Later you can qualify that statement and caveat yourself back into good graces.
    • Something visually compelling.
    • A text strain that comes out a little too slowly, but makes you want to see what’s next
    • A drawing or graphic coming together, they’re hanging on to see what it becomes.

2.  You can start a story right away, stating their biggest pain point. This can be tough to do. They need to identify who they are in the story, and state their pressing problem in 5 seconds. That’s about a sentence and a half. It’s fast, but can be done. Now they’re in and they want to see what their character does next. How they are helped. This approach is easy to do in an animated explainer. A character can live in the form of live footage of a person just making a face and looking at an invoice. You go about the video, and cut back to that same person nodding their head at the end. They don’t have to be in the whole video.

Now that you’re past the opener, you have a chance to start telling a little story that contains your message. As the video rolls on and the message resonates with the prospect, they are ready to take action. It may be “book a call” or “download the report” or “sign up for our email tips”. And they are fully ready to do just that. The funnel’s wide open at this point, but you’re about to slam a door.

Final step: The Takeback

This is where you let them know this is not for everybody. (Exclusivity instantly kicks in and they want it even more.) and that the “people that engage with us are usually” and here you can insert things like:

A price range-  “they spend between $ and $ with us”

A company size-  “we work best with organizations of 50 employees or more, and want to make sure we’re not wasting your time”

An experience level-  “Individuals that have X certification level use our services”

A Budget – “companies that spend $ on X  get the best ROI from our services”

A decision maker – “We have found that it wastes a lot of time if a budget owner isn’t in the room”

Then go on with your instructions “click here to book a call” or “join this” like all is well.

This takeback approach seems dangerous, but would you want the big wide funnel to pop into your pipeline only to waste a lot of your sales people’s time. If prospects are on the bubble and not sure if they qualify, they will elect to learn more anyway. 


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