You have created an incredible security service or product you really believe in. You have a decent web presence and product structures. You even have some clients, but can’t seem to break through to the next level. Things aren’t happening fast enough, and after a couple years, you find your company is in a channel and you can’t seem to break out.

Lack of sales is an easy answer, but it is usually the right one. And backtracking from lack of sales, is lack of sales tools and lack of market awareness. People not only don’t know who you are, they’re also not sure what you do or how it’s different from everyone else.

So the question is, how can you get to the point where enough people know who you are and are talking about you to their friends? You can accomplish this in several different ways, including the following:

Create a problem/solution video

In this format, the first half shows your prospect struggling with the problem you solve. You do this without making them look stupid. Keep it short, and use graphics and sound to make it engaging to watch.

Remove the grenades with more videos

There are several recurring reasons why people aren’t buying. Focus on 3 of them and make videos to educate people  around those issues. Typical issues we see are:

Lack of trust

Your process looks like a lot of work

Unsure of your capabilities

Get them to like your company with a culture video (this is one of ours)

People buy from others they like and trust. When they see your team doing their jobs and enjoying their work, it makes them want to associate with you. They get to be a small part of that.  All things being even, if you offer the same service as 10 other competitors, they are going to go with the one they like. It’s okay for your company to be liked. Good salespeople do this everyday. This intangible “it” factor get your company a big head start, and you can build the trust once you engage with them.

Promote the videos to your prospects

Finally, make sure people see the videos over and over, especially the problem/solution overview and the culture video.

You can do this by running ads, asking people to repost on their social media accounts, putting it on webpages and including them on various email campaigns. Don’t get too hung up on how many views. Fewer views of the exact audience you desire is way more productive than lots of views stuffed full of low priority targets. And, as always, use various methods, (ads, posts, shares, webpages, emails) this will multiply your chances of being “everywhere.”

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