Every personal relationship starts with an introduction, and being introduced to a business is the same way. Introducing it with video for today’s culture just makes sense. An about us video will do just that.

Ideally, this video will be professionally created by a corporate video production company that has taken time to gain insight into your business. When used properly, a great video is a key part of your marketing strategy and will help you bring in more clients.

 The following are just some of the reasons that you should have at least one video for your business.


Appeal to A Wider Audience

Everyone wants something different when it comes to content, with some preferring to read and others preferring to watch videos. The number of people who opt for videos is growing steadily, which is why corporate videos are clutch.

By creating an about us video, you can give visitors to your website or potential clients the option of reading about your company or learning about it visually. Key value points can be made all while keeping it short for those shrinking attention spans.

YouTube Gets a Ton of Relevant Traffic 

YouTube is becoming incredibly popular as a search engine, number 2 in the world behind its parent company, Google.

According to Mushroom Networks:

“YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined.”

Clearly, your business needs to be on YouTube, but to use it, you need video content.

A corporate video is the perfect starting point, as it will introduce viewers to your channel.

Using keywords in your titles, descriptions and tags and the actual content of your video itself can help harness the power of YouTube for your business. Want help with taking advantage of YouTube but don’t know where to start? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.


Show Authenticity and Build Connections

While some people prefer reading content, everyone can appreciate the authenticity that comes from a video. Using video production to showcase your company’s value will engage people faster and on a deeper level.

A visual and audio interaction provides much more authenticity than a page of text, as it makes your company seem real.

That authenticity is incredibly important in terms of building trust. It is amazing how people feel they personally know an actor, though they have only seen them perform on a show.

It’s the rapport building power of video. This is the first step in building a relationship and trust. When they trust you, they will also trust your products or services and be willing to give them a try.

An About Us Video Will Help with Google Rankings

Having a legit corporate video production company create an about us video will help with your Google rankings and search results. This comes from relatively recent changes to Google’s algorithms that promote videos more than general articles.

This means that your page is more likely to appear at the top of the search results when videos are involved. In fact, you have 53 times the chance of appearing first on Google when there are videos on your website compared to when there are not any.


Even better, your video is likely to appear on the search results page when someone searches for information about your company. This will expand the reach of the video as well as familiarity with your company.


Videos Have Better Engagement Than Just Text

Videos communicate on 5 levels at once.

  • Spoken word
  • Sound effects
  • Music
  • Printed text
  • Visual imagery

When a user decides to click “play” to watch your video, they make a conscious choice to engage with your business at least on a small scale. This contrasts with passive methods of spreading information about your company, such as via email.

If the video appears on the Google results page, it is even easier for users to engage with it than it would be to visit your website, as the video can start playing right on the page.

Get Engaged Leads

That increase in engagement means that you will find yourself with leads that are more engaged than they would have been otherwise.

Assuming the video is high-quality, it will increase the engagement level and make your call-to-action more effective.

Placing a contact form right next to the video gives the viewer a chance to reach out quicker and less time to hesitate.

Leverage advice from your corporate video production company to ensure the timing of the video makes it easy to engage, and get leads.


About Us Videos Increase Conversions

Some research has shown that videos help increase conversion, with a video on the landing page increasing it by 80 percent or even more.

There are multiple theories as to why this is the case, including that video helps people digest information in a different way and increases engagement by appealing to multiple senses simultaneously.

Videos Are Highly Shareable

People like to share things they enjoy. When you extend to this a good company video, it means people could be sharing essential information about your business just because the video is awesome.

It also makes it easy to send the video to potential clients via email. Other people may even share links to your video on social media.


An About Us Video Serves Numerous Purposes

One of the best things about making a video about your company is that a good video production company can create one that will serve multiple purposes. When it is well-designed, you can put it on your website as an introduction to your company.

You could use it to give potential clients a quick introduction to your company that feels more personal. Additionally, you can cut it into smaller bite-size videos about just one point. For instance, your team or your strategic location.

You could play it for new employees to help them get a feel for your company. You can also show it to potential investors to provide an overview of your company before you get into details of why they should invest. The possibilities are limitless.

Are you looking for a corporate video for your business? Check out our Corporate Video page to see samples of our work.

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