When it comes time to create videos for your business, there are several great places in Kansas City to choose from. An interesting backdrop, be it architecture or nature, will add flavor and credibility to your video’s feel. Listed below are 11 places in Kansas City to shoot video.


  1. River Market


We begin with River Market since it’s the first place business took place in Kansas City. This area of the city is charming, iconic, and idyllic. The 150-year-old neighborhood provides numerous backdrops with classic charm.

You may also get some shots with the streetcar running in the background. There are even more great backdrops for videos in the Arabia Steamboat Museum. Exploring the River Market is definitely a good option any time of year.


  1. The Country Club Plaza


You could also consider bringing your video equipment to the Country Club Plaza for a sophisticated backdrop and a bit of history. It was the very first suburban shopping center to be planned. Styled after centuries old Spanish architecture, there are plenty of interesting backdrops to choose from.

Browse through 18 buildings and 784,000 square feet of retail space for a nice atmosphere. Frame some of the architecture in your video, as this was the first suburban center to feature unified architecture.


  1. Downtown Overland Park


Downtown Overland Park is filled with shops, service, and streets lined with picturesque trees. This makes it the perfect location to shoot video production in Kansas City. Its small-town charm does a great job at setting the feel for your video.

There’s also a nice clock tower and some modern restaurants and hotels to add some local character to your video. Because of this, it helps ensure that you truly connect with locals around Kansas City. 


  1. Sporting Kansas City Field


The Sporting Kansas City Field, also known as Children’s Mercy Park, is another great spot in Kansas City for shooting videos. Using the modern look of this field or stadium as a backdrop can help you appeal to locals who are sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, it appeals to anyone that enjoys a relaxing day. Just make sure you work with one of the video production companies near you that has permission to shoot on the field. If you do, you will find yourself with plenty of space to film. Additionally, take advantage of dramatic lighting and state of the art technology being used during games. 


  1. 18th and Vine


18th and Vine is the historic jazz district in Kansas City and yet another great spot to shoot your video. This is a great choice if you want to incorporate all elements of the city’s culture into your video. It combines live music clubs and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the American Jazz Museum, shops, and restaurants.

You can include footage of the barbeque at Arthur Bryant’s, which most locals recognize right away. Also you should take advantage of the 35 buildings that have been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1991. Overall, is a great choice for diverse and unique backgrounds.


  1. Midtown


Midtown offers a full selection of places to shoot footage with video production companies in Kansas City. You can showcase food from American comfort dishes to brewpubs.

Additionally you should visit historic buildings, such as the Thomas Hart Benton Home. This area of Kansas City also includes plenty of natural backdrops, including Roanoke Park and along the numerous trails that wind through it. 


  1. Arts District


The Arts District, also known as the Crossroads, is a popular spot for video production Kansas City thanks to its combination of arts entertainment, dining, and shopping. The Arts District has numerous beautiful locations that would look great in your photos, from inside art galleries to outside them. There is art spray-painted onto the exterior of buildings and available to the public.

Alternatively, you can get permission to film inside one of the many local galleries. You may also want to apply video tips when you film at some of the speakeasies, breweries, or restaurants. The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is a bold and iconic masterpiece of architecture, which sets against the backdrop of the downtown Kansas City skyline.


  1. Power and Light District


The Kansas City Power and Light district is inside the downtown Kansas City loop. Featuring updated architecture of shops, restaurants and bars, it is nestled among the city’s tallest real estate, and directly across the street from Kansas City’s largest indoor venue, the TMobile Center.

The actual Kansas City Power and Light Building is easy to spot in the distance thanks to its status as a landmark skyscraper. This district is home for outdoor gatherings for every notable sport event the city cares about. You can find thousands of people packed in the central common area lawn that the district is built around.


  1. Loose Park


As the third-largest park within Kansas City, there are plenty of gorgeous natural areas in Loose Park that are perfect for your videos. Shooting a video here will help you feel close to nature. Take advantage of picnic areas, sports equipment, the lake, shelters, open spaces, or even Civil War markers.

Afterward, consider shooting in the Japanese Tea Room and Garden. It’s a gorgeous and unique cultural exchange that will set your video apart. Don’t miss the amazing rose garden when it’s in bloom. You can also check for events in the Loose Park Garden Center, as the regular horticultural exhibits would also make great video features.


  1. Westport


Westport lets you incorporate historic charm into your video production in Kansas City. This neighborhood has been around since the 1800s and still maintains its appeal. As such, you will find historic buildings with old-fashioned charm, mixed among modern amenities.

Explore the walking trail for some more remote locations to shoot your video, including those with historic plaques. This spot is particularly interesting for videos late at night or during early-morning brunch.


11. The Nelson Atkins Museum


Known for it’s unique art installations and column structures, the Nelson Atkins Museum is a great place to shoot any kind of talking head or general marketing video. It’s a well known location that instantly connects you with Kansas City locals everywhere.

Explore the outdoor glass maze, various human statues, and a large waterfront that is great for any day time video shoot. Just be sure to get permission and the right permits to film for commercial purposes. Once you do, it will be one of the most recognizable places in Kansas City to shoot video.

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