Every company has a slightly unique video marketing strategy. Because of this, the benefits of animated video will help your company stand out. You can use animated videos for B2B marketing in applications where you need to illustrate concepts that are hard to stage live.

Uses like boardroom presentations, for email marketing, website, on social media, and nearly anywhere else. While you can certainly use animated videos anywhere, you want to make sure that they stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the creative ways that you can use animated video production in your marketing.


Why Use Animation?

Before getting into some of the methods of creatively incorporating animation in marketing videos, it is smart to understand why you want to even consider doing so. Animation tends to provide more options, can help you show complex ideas, and put you in greater control of cost and the actual video.

Instead of relying on actors, sets, and reshoots, you can use software to adjust the final product if you realize you need to make some tweaks. The lighting is always perfect in animated videos, and the actors do whatever you need.

  1. To Boost Brand Awareness

 One of the best ways to use animation in marketing videos is to help promote awareness of your brand. In this case, it would likely take the form of a video that explains what your company does and how it fills a need, illustrating your culture and abilities. People will gravitate to a company that they understand.

  1. To Make Education Interesting

Most companies include an element of education in their marketing strategies, teaching potential clients or website visitors about relevant topics. This is a common part of marketing as it helps bring more visitors to your website and it helps you appear as a trusted authority in the space. When you are seen as knowledgeable, more people will want to work with you.

Most companies rely on somewhat boring educational methods, like blog posts or free eBooks. Consider taking this to the next level with animated videos. With this method, you can even make traditionally uninteresting topics exciting.

  1. To Make Non-Animated Videos More Interesting

You can combine animation and live-action in the same video to make the live-action video more interesting. For example, a talking head video can sometimes get boring, but animation can illustrate the examples you mention, keeping it interesting. This also works for people that are a bit camera shy; they can be on screen 25% of the time and the animation does the rest.

Your animated video production company can use video software to combine live-action and animation in a single cohesive video that is easy to watch.

Here is an example of how we used animation to make a talking head video more interesting.

  1. To Appeal to Client Personas via Stories

Another one of the benefits of animated video is it easily lets the potential clients see themselves in the video. People tend to be more interested in animated video productions that tell a story than those that simply list a bunch of facts or explain a concept.

This method involves choosing one of the personas you created for your advertising campaign and then creating a hypothetical story of their life before, during, and after using your product or service.

What makes this particular method creative and effective is the level of connection potential clients will have with it. Those who fit the persona in question will feel almost as if it is a story about them. This will help them feel understood.

At the same time, you will conveniently show them how your product is beneficial. Literally use characters that look like the typical person you sell to.

  1. To Show Potential

Whether your company sells a product or service, your industry is likely evolving. The benefits of animated video is you can show the expected changes to the future of your industry, and how your company will be leading them.

This is a much better alternative to trying to create a video with real people of the same kind, as you will have restrictions based on physics and your budget. After all, it is much easier to animate a flying car than to record one in a live video.

Use this as a way to get viewers interested in the future of your company and the world as a whole, with a focus on how your products or services will help them in the future.

  1. To Expand Your Audience

It is no secret that the younger generations are typically more technological-savvy than the older generations. They also tend to prefer different types of marketing content, including animated videos.

According to a survey by Ypulse, animated videos are the preferred method that GenZ like’s to engage with.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage to expand your customer reach or audience, whether the targeted viewers could already become customers or you want them to be aware of your brand for when they are older and in a position to hire you or use your products.

To get the most from this use of animation, be sure that your animated video production includes imagery and phrases that will appeal to the younger audience. You could even incorporate current trends.


Do you want to learn more about animated video, or are you looking for an animated video for your business? Check out our animated video production page.

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