Every business should consider working with a corporate video production company to create high-quality, professional-grade content. Some companies are hesitant to do so, they’re just not sure where they will use videos other than their website. In reality, there are more than a few places that you can use your corporate video, depending on the type of videos you choose to create.

Social Media — Especially YouTube  

The most obvious place to post videos from a video production company is social media. You should always start with YouTube.

YouTube is part of Google, so having a strong presence on YouTube will help your Google rankings.

Additionally, your corporate YouTube video may very well show up in the search results for your company, helping expand its reach. Consider this to be just one part of your presence on Google and your SEO efforts.

While YouTube is the most important social media platform to upload your video to, your video marketing plan should also include uploading it to your other social media pages. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Shorter videos work well if you have a corporate Instagram page. Incorporating your video into LinkedIn and other social media platforms will help draw eyes to your company, especially on a feed that is primarily text-based.

Before you upload your videos to social media, be sure to include onscreen text or subtitles. Remember that some people will view the video in public and not have headphones handy. Many watch the video a bit before deciding to turn the sound on.

While you could just link to the YouTube video on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you will get better results if you upload directly to the platform. For example, Facebook gives native videos preferential treatment and features autoplay. This means viewers do not have to click anything to watch it.



There are a few ways to effectively use the content from a corporate video production company in emails.

Email Signature

One option is to put it in your email signature. This will let you reach a wider audience, including your clients, partners, or leads that do not follow you on social media.

As a bonus, by including it in the email footer with other contact methods, you do not seem pushy, yet you promote your video.

Introductory Emails

The other great opportunity in emails for videos is in your introductory videos. When someone signs up for your mailing list for the first time, include an “About Us” video or something similar to help with engagement.

Research shows that initial emails that include videos can boost the click-through rate by as much as 96%.

Business Proposals and Presentations

Your business likely is always in search of ways to help your proposals stand out. Incorporating professional multimedia from a corporate video production company is an excellent way to do so.

It is especially effective when you use video for emphasis instead of just another boring PowerPoint presentation.

There are several ways to incorporate videos into your business proposals. For instance, video can do a better job explaining your opening proposition than just words and PowerPoint images.

Other times, you may want to include the video at the end to wrap up the presentation and leave a strong impression.

This use of your corporate video works for both presentations and proposals that you send off without any presentation.

In the case of digital proposals, videos can give you a significant advantage. They let you deliver that in-person presence and connection without having to be there.

Incorporating videos in your proposals can be even more effective when you  customize it for the proposal and client in question.

Even if most of the video is content you have previously used, the client will appreciate the extra effort you put into your proposal.


Corporate Briefings

Depending on your company’s structure, the content created by a video production company can also be incredibly useful at corporate briefings.

This is particularly true in terms of communications with stakeholders, as videos will increase engagement while helping in terms of attention and loyalty.

Other Corporate Communications

You can also include your video productions in other corporate communications, from press releases to content you share with television channels.

No matter the situation, your video is likely to better attract and hold attention than just text would.

Conferences and Trade Shows

Conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows are yet another great opportunity to use your videos. In these situations, you are trying to stand out from the crowd to attract potential clients, investors, or other business relationships.

Putting a screen with the corporate video at your booth or spot will not only help you stand out but also get people to spend more time at with you.

Best of all, it will give attendees the chance to get to know your company a little better, even if you are busy talking to someone else.

Depending on your product, it can also be a way to offer a product demonstration for products that would not be feasible to demonstrate in a small space.

Like constructing or processing large objects you can’t lug to a trade show.


Bonus: Other Places to Use Corporate Videos

While the above places should be at the top of your list of where to use your corporate videos, you may also want to consider the following.

Human Resources

Consider making a video for your human resources department that clearly explains the most important policies.

This would allow for consistency and ensure all new employees receive the same level of information on your procedures.

You can even make it engaging or a bit funny, new team members will engage better if it’s memorable.

Marketing with Testimonials

Another great choice is to have a corporate video production company interview satisfied clients and create testimonial videos.

These can go on your website or be sent to prospective clients. Let your potential clients see your current clients being thrilled with your service or product.


Professionally produced training videos can cut down on human error during training, such as trainers forgetting to share key information, and deliver consistency.

They also reduce the need to have trainers on hand and allow for multilingual training.


You can work with your corporate video production company to create content that shows off your facilities, products, procedures, or processes. Then you can share it with potential clients and investors.

Giving them the guided tour, perhaps from the CEO; a treat they might not get if they were to show up in person.

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