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Video Strategy, production and promotion. That’s it.

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Even before scripting starts, we must know what videos to make first. So we make a plan backed with research. Then, every concept starts with a script, and that script has to be good. Our team takes your simple message and turns it into a developed video that starts well and ends with a PUNCH!


Whatever the video calls for, we make it happen. Be it animation, live shots, live B-roll, or animated text. It all comes down to an edit that flows and communicates on 3 levels: visual picture, sound, and printed word.


You can have the most compelling video in your industry, and no one will see it if you put it on your website. It’s a video world today, and our team makes sure your project gets it’s moment in the sun, using social and ad platforms.


“The company I work for recently had a video done by TRO and we couldn’t say enough about how pleased we were with it! Isaac is great at coming up with ideas for the video and getting everything lined up. His team, Justin and Connor, are on time, professional and great to work with. All and all this is the place to get all your video needs!”Grace Young | Teague Electric

“We were really pleased working with Isaac Miranda and staff at TRO. We had a blast producing videos with their crew that we still use as a marketing tool today!”Daniel Stanza | Good Earth Water Gardens

“TRO does a great job of writing and creation. We really didn’t have to worry about the process and it was easy.”Pete Woeful | RevealRx

“TRO has done several videos for us, and we plan to do lots more, great team to work with.”Rob Albright | Shamrock Solutions

“TRO has a way of making videos interesting while keeping messaging on target. Great product and great team!”Clark Thompson | Tricension

“We used TRO for two explainer videos as we launched our product and website. I couldn't have been happier with how they turned out. Isaac quickly understood what we were doing, worked hard to earn the business and delivered a quality end product. I would definitely recommend TRO and the team as well as use them again when the need arises for us. Thanks again!”Brian Anderson | Applogie

How We Work


We believe in spending 3% of your resources to know how to spend the other 97%. Because of this, when it comes to video, making sure you stand out to your target audience is important. With our years of experience, we answer important questions that impact your business.  Questions like:

  • What trends can be leveraged for your benefit?
  • What platforms are best to promote your video?
  • How are your competitors using video to their advantage?

Helping clients map out then navigate these kinds of issues is central to our approach.


Writing is hard. People typically feel overwhelmed when they are asked to do it. Because of this, we take over the script writing process. We take a few “value bullet points” or “value statements” from our client, and we create the script from there.


Once the script is approved, it’s time to start production. Whether its creating shots, doing live shots, drone footage, voice overs, we do what is required. In production, we use a draft-and-approve model. It’s important to do video drafts since ideas convey differently when you see them in a video.


Now is where the fun really starts! Using the research done in the strategy phase, we turn the volume up to an “11” with your desired audience. Using today’s micro targeting, ad budgets don’t have to be big to be highly effective. From social organic, social paid, and ad platforms. We use whatever platform necessary to get your videos in front of the right eyes.

Why Work With Us?

TROVideo is a Kansas City based video production company. We specialize in creating online video content for small and medium sized businesses in the Kansas City area. Our business video customers are from a variety of backgrounds including construction, consulting, real estate, furniture, information technology, and more. If you are looking for video production in Kansas City, TROVideo has you covered. Contact us today for your next project, or check out our Google Reviews Page for customer feedback.


All we do is social and web videos. Over and over. Trying to do everything leaves no opportunity to be truly great at something. This focus makes our videos more usable and accessible. Social and web videos have a certain rhythm and feel that wouldn't work as well in other applications. It's all about earning that view, one second at a time.


We'll do the writing. We’ll do the thinking, planning and research. Providing drafts and progress reports puts our clients in the driver’s seat without making them take on a lot of work. Our clients typically do two 20-minute meetings for each video; from concept, to final approval.


Most video companies stop when the video is done. Even with a great finished product, it’s sad to see the video a year later with under 50 views still. Sadder still is that people don’t think of videos with low view counts as being relevant or important. Getting a respectable number of views from a relative target audience is effective and lends the video credibility. Specialized targeting available today makes it easier than ever to get the right eyes on your new video.

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